Living my Recovery out Loud w/o saying a word!!! Hi my name is Audrey

RIE Kitchen Table Talk

You know must of grew up with our Moms, Aunties and Grandmother sitting at the kitchen table talking all types of stuff; well RIE-Kitchen Table Talk is conducting the same. So we invite you all to the Kitchen Table. We have been talking at the table for few months now and encourage you all to come and talk with us and/or just listen!!!

WE are Still here!!!!


Charitable Donations

Recovery is Essential every year try their best to give back. WE give back to organizations and/or community groups that are conducting positive actions for our youth. This year due to Covid-19 our usual project such as the Recovery is Essential Sober Soiree has been cancelled, therefore we are not raising money as we did before. Your donation of 10.00 will help us still be able to give. Please Donate today. And we will see you all next year … God Willing…


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